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This place was one of my favs whilst travelling throughout Europe. Just take a look at a couple of these pics to figure out why.

Mostar was named after the bridge keepers who in the medieval times, guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge). The city was subject to an 18 month siege in 1992-1993, where the bridge was destroyed. Then came a monumental project to rebuild the Old Bridge and restore its’ surrounding structures.

Pictured above is the rebuilt bridge during the day and a shot at night. Absolutely breathtaking and stunning that these pictures just don’t do it justice.

Note the “Don’t forget ’93” on the bottom right hand corner of the picture above.

Between all the amazing views, you will find small market stalls situated down all the cobbled laneways where you can buy perfect knick knacks for loved ones back home.

The day we went it was still quiet with not much folk around but that was just perfect for us to take in a small part of history of the Bosnian War and capture some special moments on our cameras.

It was truly amazing and a must-see when you travel to this area.


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