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Char Char Bull

Arrived at the restaurant and was quickly escorted to a cosy little fireplace until our table was ready – which was only 5 or so minutes later. A good start to a cold Winter’s night.

First stop – Entree. This consisted of some warm toasty turkish bread with 3 different dips – dukkah, mashed kalamata olives (my favourite) and hommus (not a big fan).

Following entree was none other than a perfectly cooked juicy steak. 200g eye fillet cooked medium, with roasted tomatoes, topped with caramelised onions and peppercorn jus, to be exact.

And to sweeten the night, chocolate mousse cake with a spoonful of creamy custard and a splash of raspberry coulis.

Again, a bottle of red wine is recommended with the meal, however I did break the alcohol up with a mocktail from their Specials menu. Char Char Bull in Fremantle also do a good cocktail menu if you’re having a girl’s night out on the town.



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