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Palsaik Namoo


A Korean BBQ dinner fit for a King – or 5 Kings more like it. Sweet bean sprouts, kimchi and pickled vegetables, a pizza-like seafood pancake and sliced pork belly wrapped in lettuce topped with spicy, tangy salad pictured above, was just the beginning.

Then came the mains, in no particular order.




Tenderloins, beef ribs without the bone, very thinly sliced ox tongue and marinated flank beef. The meats were tender and although some of them did not have any marinate on them, the side sauces which were provided complimented them perfectly.

We were also served a dish of spicy stir-fried squid – I guess just to break up the meaty flavours, but this was just as delicious as everything else.

My favourite for the night though, the Modeum Jeongol – a spicy hot pot full of flavours. Prawns, vegetables, squid rings, more meats, mushrooms and delicious soup to wash it all down with.

All this just for $138. We also had jugs of beers, shots of Shoju (featured image) and soft drink and between the 5 of us we paid about $40 per person. Definitely worth it. The only downfall is you can’t book a table at this place. You just have to turn up, place your name on the board and take your ticket. Keep coming back every so often to check if your table is ready, otherwise it may get given away.

Oh and I forgot to mention the 2 serves of dumplings we ordered as entree were just divine to.

Food coma!


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