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Cafe 80’s, Prague

Taking you back to Prague, where we ventured for 3 days in this gorgeous city.

Stop at this delightful diner, Cafe 80’s, for a bite to eat and indulge in their drinks menu. Although a little quiet when we arrived, the atmosphere is really cute and is all decked out in eighties memorabilia. The menus were made with old records, the tables were topped with rubix cube ashtrays and casettes and the walls were filled with old photos of eighties superstars- actors, actresses and musicians. TV screens situated around the cafe played eighties music videoclips which just added to the ambience in the room.

Waitresses wearing neon tutus and rolling around on rollerskates just fit the bill to a tee. The selection of drinks consisted of champagne, wine, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, scotch, bourbon, cognac, brandy and of course cocktails! They also do bottle service!

It was fun while it lasted but as more and more people started filling the room, more and more smoke-filled air took over the place and it was then time to leave.


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