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Low Key Chow House

What a treat this little chinese restaurant is and certainly a chinese restaurant like no other.

So this place works like a tapas menu. Everything is in small-ish portions, great for nibbling and sharing with others. It also means you can order more of a variety, which as you probably know by now is my fav.

We started with the spicy, asian inspired sticky chicken wings. They were seriously finger lickin’ good. For my gorgeous vegetarian friend, we ordered the Som Tam – green papaya chilli, green beans, dried shrimp, tomato, mint and thai basil. This was a pretty spicy dish also, but nonetheless very delicious. We also had the Lattice Spring Rolls which was tofu and mushroom based. Definitely a lot tastier than it sounds.

The waiter tempted us with the specials and the one we ordered was the chicken curry with roti bread and a side of steam rice.

To top off the order we treated ourselves to the fish, cooked in banana leaves over coals. Although slightly burnt, it was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. One bad thing is that the fish had lots of little bones to pick out, but once you got through them it was well worth it.

All in all it was a great dinner, with great company! I will absolutely be going back again.






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