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6101 Tapas Bar

     Date night with one of my gorgeous girlfriends. 6101 Tapas Bar is a small restaurant found on Albany Hwy in Victoria Park. The front of the restaurant only catered to a few tables and the lighting did not set the mood for the evening. It did look like there was a cosy outdoor area around the back, however that was fully booked so unfortunately we couldn’t sneak a table for us out there.
Despite the lighting, we did enjoy the food that was served. Although I think we probably ordered one too many dishes, between us girls (just the 2 of us) we managed to get through a significant amount on the plates.

Crumbled home made cheese and parsley rolls wrapped in deep fried turkish dough served with olive tapenade, pan seared scallops served with herb butter and cauliflower puree and slow cooked angus beef short ribs with braised red wine reduction. The ribs were a main course and yes we didn’t stop there. 

 Crispy pork belly with beetroot jam was also ordered and it is definitely a must!

There was alot more items on the menu which we would have loved to try so I’m hoping to get back to this place one day. We probably should have ordered some sort of salad to break up the meat portions – oh well.


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