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Brooklyn Lounge

One dollar freshly shucked oysters from 4-7pm weeknights. Why not? Didn’t manage to get a photo of it but they were perfection. A little on the small side, but fresh for sure and who can complain about the price. 

Some juicy spicy buffalo wings, 8 to be exact with a side sauce. Not sure what the sauce was, maybe a tzatziki dip, but the wings on their own were tasty enough. 

With a bottle of red wine gone after an hour or so, it was time for the main meal. 

The eggplant parmigiana caught my eye first off the menu and you know what they say, you should always go with your first instinct. It was delicious, if you are an eggplant lover because it was basically just layers of eggplant with cheese inbetween. 

There were also chilli mussels ordered, however unfortunately these were not a hit. No chilli at all and the sauce was too watery for bread dipping. We love the chunky chilli filled sauce that you can scoop up on your toasty bread and this just didn’t hit the spot.

It was a little quiet for a Friday night but that suited us just fine given there were 12 of us. The location is more secluded and a bit further from other bars and pubs but it is a must-try. The service was great to and they had a cosy looking outdoor area. We got asked for last rounds around 11ish so make sure this is your first stop if you’re planning a big night out.


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