eat, drink, travel!


 What a magical place with so so so much to explore! 

I don’t think we even covered an eighth of what Dubai has to offer. 

Day one was spent resting and relaxing after having travelled around Europe for 4 weeks. Trying to recover from jetlag we still wanted to make the most of our 3 days. 

Day two we hired a catamaran, propped with beanbags on the nets, and sailed out to sea. Ok we didn’t sail it, but that probably made the experience so much better. It was about an hour or two of sailing and the best time was after sunset as we sailed back in to shore, the Dubai skyline at night was astonishing.

Day three we were tossing up between the Atlantis Water Park or to just rome through the streets. We ended up deciding on going dune buggying and we couldn’t have picked anything better. The buggys are all custom made and get to fairly high speeds. I was the passenger (it was the best way for me) and it was fun. We were really lucky to have only one other person in the group so we got alot out of the day. During the briefing, the tour guide advised that if we see camels then we need to stop for them to cross through. We didn’t think this happened often but we saw 3 camels that needed to cross our paths. It was so surreal – stopping our dune buggys to let a family of camels cross through in the desert. Amazing! If you are looking for something different to do, then this is it. 

Definitely would love to get back to Dubai one day. Perfect location for a stopover to the other side of the world.


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