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Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant


 Meat platter for 4 – Don’t mind if i (we) do! 

It looked small when it first came out but boy was it filling. 5 different selections of pork, chicken and beef sausages, juicy ribs and one big fat pork knuckle placed right in the centre of the board. The crackle was pretty darn good, given that most of the tables were ordering the same platter. Well ours was delicious but will have to come back to confirm if consistency exists.

I have a confession though, i did come twice in one week. Yes by choice. So the first night I came I ordered the lamb shank for my lonesome. It was great, just fell right off the bone. It could have done with a little more flavour, maybe even just some salt and I didn’t really enjoy the bread rolls that came with it. Very thick and doughy.

This place is worth a try if you’re around the city area and want something a little different. The whole complex is a little up and coming precinct so I look forward to blogging about some other places in the area soon.


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