eat, drink, travel!


My birth home, my family heritage, my go to holiday destination. Yes a little more expensive than Bali, but definitely worth a trip if you’re wanting to try something different. Lots to do and caters for couples loving it up or families looking to keep the kids entertained. 

Without giving too much away with pictures, there’s so many places to visit and things to do that won’t disappoint. Prepare to start your days later in the morning and party on through the night instead. Shops open from about 10am and close later in the evening and bars and restaurants are open pretty much through the night. There’s also a 24hr massage place at Robertson Walk that I am obsessed with and will always find time to squeeze a foot massage in!

A few places to get to whether it’s just the 2 of you or a family of 4 or more: run around the grounds of Universal Studios, explore Sentosa Island, ride up to the top of Marina Bay Sands to take in the views (disclaimer: drinks are pricey) and graze the lands of Gardens by the Bay.

I love Singapore!


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