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Just got home from a 3 week trip around Japan so stay tuned for more places visited and where to eat although not hard to find anywhere in Japan!

First stop was Niseko and it was bloomin’ amazing. The views, the atmosphere, the snow and we got great sunny weather towards the end of March as it was coming to the end of the season. Pleasant for us though as there weren’t too many people out on the slopes. 

Great place for night skiing to. We stayed at Miyuki chalet just outside of Hanazono and it was the best location. Close to delis and most eateries and the place itself was very decent. Lots of stairs given it was 3 stories but we were sharing the place with my family so there weren’t too many other options. A little on the pricier side but great for a group of 10.

We took our lessons at Hanazono (pictured above) where a direct bus can take you from most stops in Hirafu. There’s a baby slope for beginners (me of course) progressing through eerily towering black slopes. I did manage to get myself onto the green slope and snowboard halfway down before catching the lifts the rest of the way down to the bottom.

You have to go snowbiling here to. It was a fun experience and you really get some great views of other parts of the mountain. Best first week of our trip!


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